Clarifying Note

(and welcome to Substack)

Some of you may have noticed the final sentences of the November note. If you did, points to you!

Here’s what it said

Choosing another day leads to another day. Connecting matters. Making time for those who matter matters; sitting by a fire or sending a text at the right moment. And sometimes, hitting "send" matters.

This note was to my most loyal reader and supporter, my wife Walker. Someone asked what the point of that little note was, and it’s simple: a way to publicly thank her for reading, supporting, and bettering me.

— Jim

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Jim Duncan, Nest Realty, 126 Garrett Street Suite D, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Licensed real estate agent in Commonwealth of VA.

PS - I’m in the works of moving the note from tinyletter to substack. More about this shift in December.