Making April by the skin of my teeth. 
Note from Jim Duncan -- this month, generational wealth, stuck in a home, moving too fast in a real estate transaction, and a story sort of about…
Busy Pricing Looking Older
The 2022 Charlottesville real estate market is ... hard. The snow is keeping me riding inside; no one wants pictures of that.
Technology, lessons, two buyers and one house, and a couple 2022 predictions.
Fall is fun. The market hasn't cooled that much.
A different Charlottesville area market update, Kids Work, & a Wedding
Seasonally slowing Charlottesville real estate market? Psychology of buyers and sellers, a sneaky stove, being active in the market, and a buyer journey…
August 2021 Note from Jim
Stuck Cooking Negotiating Death | the market, negotiating or not, questions to ask dying family members, and more.
Note from Jim | June 2021
Happy nearly June, everyone. This market continues to confound, amaze, exasperate, and exhaust. This month: having a short memory, zestimates & values…